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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Make Money With Your Viral Video

OK... so you have that hilarious video clip that you're sure will spread over the Web like wildfire. What do you do with it?

You could upload it to one of the many video sites... or you could upload it to a new site called Revver, and make money with it. Revver is similar to video sites like YouTube, but when a video clip is uploaded to Revver, an ad is attached that pays the video owner whenever it is clicked. The ad stays with the video even if it is uploaded to other sites, shared via IM or P2P, e-mailed, or even burned to a CD. Clip owners can also specify which type of ads they want associated with their clips.

Revver is still in beta and a new kid on the block, so it might be awhile before its videos gain a high profile. Plus, the revenue model might invite some unwelcome spam and lame marketing efforts. But considering the current popularity of viral video, it's no wonder that someone would attempt to build a revenue model around it.

Source: Trend Central

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