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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Self-Cooling Cans

Using an environmentally safe, built-in evaporator, a new can design by Tempra Technology can lower the temperature of its contents by 30 degrees in just three minutes. For a cool beverage, just twist the can's bottom.

Miller Brewing Co. plans to debut Tempra cans for its beverages by mid-2007. While this will initially be a premium product (and a lot of people will buy it for the novelty factor) and the can itself makes up the bulk of the product (a 16-oz can holds only 10.5-oz of liquid), it could have practical applications in situations where refrigeration is not available, such as camping, disaster zones and relief efforts in developing countries.

Tempra makes several lines of self-heating and self-cooling packaging for food, healthcare and veterinary medicine.

Source: Sharkride