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Friday, April 28, 2006

A Database for Your Dog

Dogs don't use PDAs. But they can still benefit from having an "onboard computer" if they ever get lost, thanks to the Dog-e-Tag.

Like a traditional dog tag, the Dog-e-Tag lists a dog's name, and the owner's address and phone number. But the Dog-e-Tag can also hold e-mail addresses, alternate phone numbers, veterinarian contacts, vaccination records and even allergy and other health alerts (such as "I am an old dog and can't see very well."). Unlike RFID-based ID chips that are inserted between a dog's shoulder blades, the Dog-e-Tag doesn't require specialized equipment to read. In fact, it can display up to 40 lines of data in multiple languages.

The Dog-e-Tag is waterproof to 165 feet, scratch and shock resistant, operates in temperatures between 14°F and 160°F, and backlit. It's available in six colors and retails for $39.95.

Although the Dog-e-Tag has been around for several years, it remains an intriguing concept that could certainly be extended to use with other animals, children (especially those who are disabled or too young to know their address and phone number), and seniors with dementia.

Source: Untangled Life