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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Make Yourself at Home

Many of the hottest emerging consumer trends involve home improvement—a phenomenon borne of the long-term trend toward “cocooning,” post-9/11 anxiety, a demand for convenience, continued prosperity, a maturing consumer base, and the sheer availability of technology to make any home a castle.

Among the more exotic home amenities that may become more mainstream in the coming years:

  • “Extreme” home theaters, complete with theater-style seats and commercial popcorn poppers (and they wonder why theater box office figures are declining!).

  • Two-story elevators.

  • Soundproof “rooms within rooms” to serve as home offices, mini recreation rooms, or extra rooms in an apartment or other small abode.

  • A revival of in-home sales and services, as cosmetologists, masseuses and other service providers make house calls.

  • Commercial-grade wine refrigerators and beer taps.

Source: Trendwatching.com