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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Mighty Tween

We've written a lot here about how young people influence the adoption of technology (here, here and here for instance). Now, a new survey conducted in part by Nickelodeon has found that "tweens" (kids aged 9-14) influence consumer choices even more so than previously thought.

Despite modest means (the survey found that the average tween allowance was $9.15 per week), tweens influence family purchases of everything from food to toiletries to fashion to entertainment. Three-quarters of tweens surveyed said they had "a lot of say" in clothes purchases, as well as big-ticket decisions such as family vacations.

Tweens' influence also extends to technology. Tweens are often the deciding factor in movie rentals and video game purchases, and techno-challenged parents frequently consult their tween children when purchasing computers.

The Nickelodeon survey was surely done largely for the benefit of marketers... so expect more advertising aimed at kids for items that are not traditionally kid-related. Also look for an increase in product placement in movies, TV shows and even video games. Product design might also be affected, as designers seek to make their creations more appealing to kids, even when they aren't designed specifically for kids.

Source: eMarketer