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Monday, April 11, 2005

President Bush's iPod

A technology can officially be considered mainstream when the President of the United States adopts it... or at least gives it a serious try. Benjamin Harrison turned America on to electric lighting when he had it installed in the White House in 1889. The adventurous Theodore Roosevelt was the first President to fly in an airplane. JFK may have been our first "television President," but FDR was the first POTUS to appear on the tube, in 1939 for the opening ceremonies of the now-legendary New York World's Fair.

Our current Chief Executive has a high-tech "first" under his belt as well. George W. Bush is reported to be an iPod fan.

For someone not known for delving deeply into pop culture, Bush's musical tastes are surprisingly eclectic. "IPod One" is reportedly loaded with country songs from George Jones, Kenny Chesney and Alan Jackson. But it also includes Aaron Neville, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Van Morrison.

As for First Lady Laura Bush, she hasn't yet gotten an iPod, but is reportedly something of an online shopaholic.

Source: Free New Mexican