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Monday, April 11, 2005

Mainstream Media: What's Hot? What's Not?

Chris Anderson's Long Tail blog summarizes the elements of the media that are doing well versus those that aren't. For those who follow media or Long Tail issues, there are few surprises here.

Music, television, radio, newspapers, magazines and books are all on the downside... and some of the numbers are stunning. Radio listenership, for instance, is at a 27-year low, and music sales are down 21% since 1999. On the other hand, movies, video games and the Web are all on the upswing, with all continuing to set records, while Web advertising is set to break the $10 billion mark this year, reaching 5.4% of all advertising.

RELATED: The number of viewers watching streaming video of events at the Vatican last week on MSNBC's website exceeded ratings for its cable network. Jeff Jarvis at BuzzMachine makes the argument for MSNBC and other networks with a Web presence to adopt Bittorrent-based video to expand their reach and further leverage their Web potential

Source: Long Tail