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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Sony Files Patent for "Brain Interface"

Sony has filed a patent for a "prophetic invention" that would provide users with "sensory experiences" such as images, tastes and sounds. The devices is non-invasive, using magnets to activate specific areas of the brain. In short, the device would allow a user to "plug in" to a virtual environment; it's been compared to the cyberworld of The Matrix minus the jack in the back of the skull (not necessarily a flattering comparison, but you get the idea).

If the technology proves feasible, it would offer a wealth of possibilities for everything from recreation to healthcare to education. It would also open a Pandora's box of dangers and possible abuses. However, don't look for it on sale at your local electronics store anytime soon. By calling it a "prophetic invention," Sony stresses that the device "was based on an inspiration that this may someday be the direction that technology will take us." In other words, at this stage it's nothing more or less than a very cool idea.

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