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Monday, April 04, 2005

Running for Pope

According to the rules of the Catholic Church, any Catholic male in good standing and under the age of 80 is eligible to become pope. Although the winning candidate is almost always a cardinal, he doesn't have to be. This curious loophole has encouraged some dark-horse hopefuls to toss their hats (or should I say miters) into the ring.

Google "running for pope" and you'll see a growing number of websites and blogs devoted to some of these long-shot candidates... clearly most all with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Someone (or something) named Avery Ant has declared his candidacy, and even has a video on his website. His qualifications are his ability to speak Pig Latin and a promise to "kick antichrist ass." He's also unemployed and needs the job.

Another person named Dennis is also campaigning on a platform to establish Web-based masses (there might actually be something to this) and a reduction in the tithing rate from 10% to 9%.

Just one more thing to illustrate how much has changed since the last papal election...

UPDATE: As the papal conclave draws closer, online campaigning is taking on a more serious tone. MSNBC reports that individuals and even archdiocese are using websites to promote their favorite cardinals.