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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Satellite Radio via Cell Phone

Wireless switching developer Calypso Wireless has applied for a patent for technology that would allow users of cell phones, PDAs or digital music players to receive satellite radio, through either WiFi hotspots or direct satellite connections. Such technology would eliminate the need for separate satellite radio receivers.

Calypso's technology provides a seamless switching capability, allowing the listener to receive the strongest available signal at all times, whether it be from a WiFi access point or a direct satellite link. This is a distinct and obvious benefit for listeners who are constantly on the move.

Says Calypso president and CEO George Schilling of his company's technology, "Satellite radio service providers are already working to attract more subscribers by offering new data services like streaming news, stock quotes and sports scores. The next logical step is for them to also try to offer ways for their subscribers to be able to receive their signals in more places, like in their homes or at work and via all types of mobile devices, such as PDAs, iPods and cell phones."

Still unclear is the extent to which device manufacturers are considering this technology, the number of access points that would be made available for it, or the cost to the consumer.

Source: PhysOrg