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Monday, March 07, 2005

The Syrian Tipping Point

With all the upheavals going on in the Mideast over the past several weeks, how is the Baathist dictatorship in Syria being affected... other than facing enormous worldwide pressure to withdraw its troops from Lebanon?

Blogger Michael J. Totten cites reports from inside Syria suggesting that the Assad regime is at greater risk than most people realize, countering the conventional wisdom that Assad is on firm ground. However, Totten goes on to say that this is not necessarily a cause for cheer, as the Syrian people have no framework for or experience with democracy. Plus, the Baathists are not likely to go quietly into the night. There will be no 1989-style "velvet revolutions" in Syria. Any collapse of the Assad government is certain to be ugly, and will likely escalate into the next big flashpoint for the US, EU and the UN.

Source: Instapundit