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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Sleeping on the Job

Increasingly, employers are realizing that well-rested employees are productive employees. Yet with our ever more hectic lifestyles, a good night's sleep is a rare and precious commodity.

Some employers and enterpreneurs are rising to (or, should we say, lying down to) the challenge. A New York-based company called MetroNaps rents out semi-enclosed "sleep pods" in which harried people can catch a few minutes of shut-eye.

Those who have tried out the MetroNaps pods heartily endorse the idea, and the company plans expansion. Meanwhile, several London law firms are installing small bedrooms in their offices so employees who work long hours can get some sleep.

Creative though they are, these appear to be stopgap measures in the face of a greater societal problem. When people push themselves (or are pushed) so hard that they cannot perform even basic bodily functions like sleep properly, it's not healthy for individuals, the economy or society.

Source: FutureFile