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Friday, February 11, 2005

Orb Media Networks Your Devices

The San Jose Mercury News reviews a startup company called Orb Networks that is developing a service called Orb Media, which is designed to network all your digital devices -- PC, laptop, cell phone and PDA -- and allow you to access all your media anytime, anywhere.

The article says, "You could, for example, watch a Bay Area TV station's evening news show on your laptop in a New York hotel room, display family photos on your cell phone when visiting a friend's house, or listen to your music collection on your PDA using the WiFi wireless network at a neighborhood Starbucks. You can even, from a remote location, program your computer to record a TV show for later remote viewing."

Though the article determines that the bandwidth, computing power and price are currently out of most people's range, it suggests that Orb could be on to something truly big.