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Friday, February 11, 2005

Hormone Spray Increases Women's Sex Drive

An Australian company called Acrux has developed a testosterone-based spray that it says can increase women's libido. The spray was originally developed for post-menopausal women, but has been shown to work with women of all ages.

The spray is still in its trial stages, and will not likely appear on the market for several years. However, trials conducted so far are highly encouraging. Known side effects include an increase in facial hair, hair loss, oily skin and acne. (The good news: your wife's frisky in the bedroom again. The bad news: she's bald, has zits and is growing a beard...)

Aside from improving couples' love lives the way that Viagra benefitted men, the implications of such a drug are staggering. Could a hyper-concentrated dose turn the most frigid ice queen into a raving sex maniac? Could it be sprayed on someone unwittingly, thereby replacing roofies as the cad's dope of choice? Would it really improve relationships, or would a suddenly sex-charged woman be tempted to stray? And what could it's effect be if used on men?

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