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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Podcasting for Beginners

Blogger Lisa Williams has created a short online video called "Four Minutes About Podcasting," which is exactly what the title says. Aside from being an entertaining take on the subject, the video should be essential viewing for anyone looking to get up to speed on the technology. (RealPlayer required for viewing.)

Also, USA Today has an article highlighting podcasting, its potential as a disruptive technology, and podcast pioneer Adam Curry. It also notes that Microsoft is taking baby steps into the podcasting space while Apple, curiously, stays on the sidelines. Will Apple miss out on the next big thing as a result, even though its iPod is the device that's driving interest? After all, as Lisa Williams' video points out, you don't need an iPod to enjoy podcasting...

UPDATE: Forbes has a piece on how podcasting may pose an unexpected challenge to satellite radio, especially if cars become fitted with wireless data antennas that allow listeners to download podcasts on the road.

Source: unmediated