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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Cell Phones Vulnerable to Hacking

Security experts warn that as cell phones become more sophisticated, they become more vulnerable to viruses, worms and hack attempts.

Up till now, cell phone hacks have been failry rare, affecting only a few operating systems and phone models. But as Bluetooth and other short-range wireless protocols become more common, the avenues for intrusion become much wider. Security in phones that use these protocols is typically weak, making it easy for intruders to get inside a phone.

Who would want to hack a phone? For starters, address books in phones could be seen as an attractive asset to be pirated. Hackers will also find sinister ways to leverage phones' advanced features, such as cameras, Internet access and GPS. A phone that uses WiFi or VoIP could be vulnerable to hackers anywhere in the world.

Source: CNN/Money