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Monday, January 03, 2005

Guerrilla Television

Artist David Sheen proposes a clever use of old computers to create "do-it-yourself television." Essentially, he advocates putting a slide show on an obsolete computer that would otherwise be trashed; placing the unit in a large, immovable container such as a 55-gallon drum or newspaper vending box; outfitting it with a battery or other power source; and placing the device in a public venue where the slide show can be viewed.

OK, so it's basically a no-frills kiosk. But it's an interesting way to create a low-cost multimedia display while repurposing old yet still serviceable computer hardware. Plus, there's no reason why audio and video couldn't be added (sound could be broadcast through a cheap, low-range FM transmitter, so anyone with an FM radio could tune in). And, in areas with WiFi connectivity, a wireless card could be thrown in so content could be updated and added remotely and on-the-fly. Now you're getting somewhere!

Source: unmediated