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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Study: The Internet Takes Up More of Our Time

A recent study conducted by the Stanford Institute for the Quantitative Study of Society has found that Internet usage takes time away from other aspects of life, including socializing, TV viewing and even sleep.

"'People don't understand that time is hydraulic,' Norman Nie, the group's director, said, meaning that time spent on the Internet is time taken away from other activities."

While hardly earth-shattering news, the study has come up with other interesting tidbits, including:

  • 75 percent of all Americans now have some level of Internet access.
  • The average user spends 14 minutes per day -- or 10 workdays a year -- dealing with computer problems.
  • Women are heavier users of e-mail and instant messaging (active use); men prefer Web browsing, discussion forums and chat rooms (passive use).
  • Younger users prefer synchronous communication such as instant messaging, whereas older users prefer e-mail.

Source: New York Times