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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Will Your Town Be Flooded When the Ice Caps Melt?

A mashup of Google Maps and elevation data from NASA illustrates how land masses around the world will flood if sea levels rise. The amount of sea level rise is adjustable.

Using New Jersey as a starting point, if sea levels were to rise 10 meters, all of the state's coastal regions would be under water. At 12 meters, most of the southern part of the state (along with most of the Delmarva Peninsula) are swampland. At 14 meters (the highest level on the map), most of South and Northeast Philadelphia, as well as Upper Manhattan, Brooklyn, Newark, and large sections of Baltimore and Washington DC (including the Mall, the White House area, and Potomac Park) are inundated.

These levels are not necessarily exaggerated, as some global warming models show sea levels rising as high as 20 feet.