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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Greenland Glacier Speed Doubled in Past Five Years

The glaciers of Greenland are accelerating, doubling the amount of ice they dump into the Atlantic Ocean over the past five years. Caused by rising surface air temperatures, this acceleration could ultimately lead to a rise in sea level.

A study published in Science magazine notes that Greenland's melting glaciers cause global sea levels to rise approximately 0.5 mm per year, and that overall sea levels are rising by 3 mm per year. Yearly ice loss from the glaciers has increased from 50 cubic kilometers in 1996 to 150 cubic kilometers in 2005.

In related research, scientists studying Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya believe the loss of ice on its summit is accelerating as well, and may disappear entirely by 2020.

Source: Green Car Congress, WorldChanging