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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Fast, After-Hours Delivery Services

If you were in a Northeast city during this past weekend's snowstorm, you might have appreciated someone braving the elements to bring you a gallon of milk. Especially if you realized you were out of milk at 3 AM.

The Turkish firm After-9 saw a niche here and has built a unique service, delivering everything from groceries to prescription refills to take-out food orders between the hours of 9 PM to 6 AM. After-9 aims for delivery within 45 minutes, and charges a 25-30% fee (with a $7 minimum order).

Here in the States, MaxDelivery delivers your order by bike in under an hour (giving bicycle messengers a new business model). According to MaxDelivery's website, "We carry items as diverse as milk, bread, cold medicines, DVD rentals and sales, paper towels, baby bottles, cereal, frozen meals, ice cream, shampoo, gourmet & organic foods, cleaning supplies and much more. " MaxDelivery even offers free delivery for orders above $50. However, the service is limited to Manhattan, between 24th and 26th Streets. And if you place an order after hours, you have to do so by midnight.

Source: Springwise