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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Media Trends for 2006

The Media Center at the American Press Institute has taken note of some emerging technology trends for the coming year. Some of these are similar to trends forecast for last year (such as this, this and this), though a bit more fine-tuned:

  • Subscription models for electronic media ("all you can eat" for a monthly fee, yet you don't on any of it) will continue to catch on, and spread from music to movies.

  • A new generation of home media systems will challenge TiVo and Microsoft Media Center, which hasn't yet gotten off the ground.

  • This could be the year for personal media, with the appearance of the Video iPod, and with "all in one" players that allow people to watch TV, listen to music, and read e-books.

  • The music and movie industries will continue to struggle with digital rights management, especially against consumer resistance.

  • The Web will be the go-to place for advertising, especially for tech manufacturers looking to market their latest products.