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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Move Over, DVD... Here Comes HVD!

Just a few years ago, DVD players cost thousands of dollars and were the last word in sophisticated video technology. Today, DVDs are everywhere, players can cost as little as $30... and DVD's successors are already being planned.

Sony is developing its Blu-ray technology, and Toshiba is leading the HD DVD group. But an even more advanced technology might trump them both. Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD) uses holographic technology to store vast amounts of data -- up to 60 times more than an ordinary DVD -- throughout layers of the disc. HVD discs are also touted as being highly shelf-stable, able to archive data for 50 years or longer.

Manufacturers are planning to release a 200GB HVD system by the end of next year, and 1.6 terabytes are possible by 2010. A 300GB HVD disc can hold up to 26 hours of broadcast-quality HD video.

The earliest adopters of HVD technology are likely to be broadcasters who want to archive their video catalogs (Turner Entertainment, which owns the rights to 200,000 movies, is reportedly expressing interest) and video game developers, who could create ever more sophisticated games with the massive storage afforded by HVD.

Source: GameDaily