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Friday, August 05, 2005

New Service Offers Cash to Citizen Journalists

In light of the London bombings -- where bystanders with cameraphones provided the first images of the disaster -- a new service is offering cash for newsworthy images captured through mobile media.

Scoopt allows members to submit digital images via MMS and mobile e-mail within seconds after capturing an event. Membership is free, and members are offered the same terms as professional photojournalists.

Broadcasters, however, have been critical of such services, saying they encourage amateurs to place themselves in dangerous situations. Just as likely will be an increase in stunts and staged situations, leading to a rash of bogus news stories. This, combined with ever increasing competition for breaking news stories, will force those in editorial functions -- whether they be bloggers or editors within the mainstream media -- to more closely examine the stories they come across.

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