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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Red Herring Ends Its "Future" Blog

Red Herring has ended what it calls its "experiment" with blogging, and is shutting down its "Future" blog. Its farewell note states:

After a year, the Red Herring leadership has decided to wrap up its experiment with blogging. Mitch Ratliffe's blog "The Now" stopped when he took his new job; now, the editors have decided to rethink some of the Web site, and to move away from blogging and into other territory.

At one level, I'm surprised the experiment has been allowed to run as long as it has: I was brought aboard a couple editors-in-chief ago, and in my experience, new editors often like to bring their own people in. But all editors and publishers are trying to figure out how blogging can fit into a more traditional structure borrowed from the print world. No one has it quite right yet, and Red Herring can't be faulted for wanting to experiment with something else.

Fans of the "Future" blog can continue to read related posts at Future Now.