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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Blogging Live 8

If you can't make one of this weekend's Live 8 concerts, you can read bloggers' takes on them. Technorati is aggregating blogs that are covering the concerts as well as the cause behind them: debt and poverty relief for Africa, and the upcoming G8 summit in Edinburgh, Scotland. Similarly, Flickr has a Live 8 group photo pool, and the blog Global Voices Online has a post summarizing the observations from many African bloggers on the events. Wired has a summary (and critique) of the technical and marketing activity surrounding Live 8.

The ONE Blog covers a variety of topics related to the ONE Campaign for African aid. And if you plan on attending the Live 8 concert in Philadelphia, check the Greater Philadelphia segment of About.com, which features news about parking, the location of portable bathrooms and general information about the city.