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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

States and Cities, Not the Feds, to Drive Fuel Efficiency

Green Car Congress, a group that monitors developments in sustainable vehicles, reports that the Senate Energy Committee voted to reject an amendment to the energy bill it is drafting that would have increased the fuel efficiency for SUVs and light trucks from 21 to 27.5 MPG by 2011.

Meanwhile, New York's environmental protection agency is proposing to adopt California's stringent environmental standards for vehicles. And New York City has signed on to the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, which endorses the 7% greenhouse gas emission reduction for the US as specified in the Kyoto Protocol.

It appears, then, that states and cities comprising the nation's most populous areas are taking a leadership role in fuel efficiency and emissions reduction, as opposed to the federal government. When changes come, we can expect to see them coming at this level.

Source: WorldChanging