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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Stuck in an Airport? Hit the Gym!

The next time you're stuck in an airport, you might be able to pass the time by working out. Although a few airports offer their own gyms, many more are adjacent to hotels that have gyms for their guests. Some of these make their gyms available to non-guests for a nominal daily fee.

A website called Airport Gyms is a directory of gyms in or near US and Canadian airports. Many of these facilities cater to those who have airport layovers and delays, providing everything from towels to disposable swimsuits.

"I don't understand why more airports aren't capitalizing on it," says frequent flier Harvey Reed, who hits the gym whenever he has an airport layover. Adds Mike Harrington, supervisor of the Hilton health club that's near Boston's Logan Airport, "You can go to the bar and have a beer and a hamburger or you can do exactly the opposite [and get some exercise]."

Source: AP (Yahoo!)