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Friday, April 22, 2005

A Cordless Phone That's Ideal for the Elderly

As our population ages, businesses are going to have to think of innovative ways to serve them. One of these is phone maker Uniden; their model EZI996 is a 900 MHz phone that has several useful ergonomic features that would seem to be especially appealing to seniors and others who find ordinary phones difficult to use.

Among other things, the EZI996 has:

  • A red light that flashes when the phone is ringing (making it easy to find if it's off the cradle)
  • Extra-loud volume
  • Large buttons on the keypad
  • Large, easy-to-read type on the Caller ID display
  • A reasonable price ($40)

One drawback to the EZI996 is its 900 MHz frequency. Generally, 900 MHz isn't as strong as higher frequencies, and is vulnerable to interception, though the sound quality of the EZI996 is reported to be excellent.

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