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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

When You Need a Pizza NOW!!

Remember the pizza delivery chains' 30-minute delivery guarantees? They largely disappeared because the pizza joints got sick of arguing with customers who timed them with stopwatches, then demanded free pizzas. Plus, the harried delivery guys drove like banshees and caused accidents.

If you miss those days, they may be on their way back, thanks to Wisconsin-based Super Fast Pizza. Using high-tech mobile kitchens, they bake their pizzas en route and shoot for (but don't guarantee) 15-minute delivery times. And your pizza is literally hot out of the oven! The kitchens-on-wheels are wired with WiFi and can accept online orders on the fly; in fact, customers who order online get a free soda! Super Fast has a limited menu and a single size (medium), but their price of $10.99 per pizza is competitive with the more traditional shops.

Currently, Super Fast is only serving the Fond du Lac, Wisconsin area; with a conservative growth plan, they are moving to other Wisconsin cities in the near future, and hope to have 20,000 franchises within 20 years. In markets that value fast, convenient service over gourmet options, the Super Fast model will surely be attractive, and could well redefine "fast food." In fact, writing this piece is making me hungry... wish there was a Super Fast here in Jersey!!

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