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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Adding Y!Q Searches to Blogger.com Blog Posts

You may have noticed Yahoo! Search (Y!Q) links added to the bottom of each FutureWire post. These present a popup with links to additional Web resources as found on Yahoo. Blog developer Jeremy Zawodny posted on his blog instructions for adding Y!Q to MoveableType blog posts. However, with some minor tweaks, the same code works with Blogger.com blogs as well.

Follow Jeremy's instructions, which work essentially the same with Blogger.com blogs as with MoveableType (because Blogger is fussy about how it accepts HTML, I can't post the code here). The key modification to make is to change the input value variable from $MTEntryTitle$ to $BlogItemTitle$. This allows Y!Q to search based on your post's title; of course, the wording of your title will affect the quality of the search results.

The Y!Q search works in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera browsers.