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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Forget Drunk Driving... Don't Text and Drive!

You might have read about this in the latest issue of DUH! magazine...

ATHENS, Ala. -- State troopers said a Tennessee man who was typing a text message on his cell phone as he traveled south on Interstate 65 was killed Saturday night when he lost control of his pickup, which overturned and went down an embankment.

Troopers said 26-year-old Lucas Rolin of Ardmore was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the vehicle in the 9 p.m. accident near the Athens-U.S. 31 exit.

Troopers recovered Rolin's cell phone and said he was trying to send a text message at the time of the fatal wreck.

Sadly, we're likely to read more stories such as this in the near future as more people take up texting... accompanied by all the usual warnings, scoldings and attempts to legislate what ought to be common sense.

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