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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Undersea Luxury Hotel

OK, so you've traveled all over the world, been there, done that, and you're getting impatient waiting for your seat on SpaceShipOne. Enterpreneur and marine enthusiast Bruce Jones may just have the perfect destination for you.

Jones, who made his fortune in private submarines, is developing the Poseidon Undersea Resort, a luxury hotel in the Bahamas. What will make the Poseidon special is its peculiar location -- it will be submerged 50 feet underwater, with the most expensive rooms completely surrounded by ocean.

With rates priced at $1,500 a night, the Poseidon won't likely appeal to the Motel 6 crowd. Rooms will include hot tubs and lights for illuminating the surrounding sea.

Jones has so far put $40 million into the venture, and expects the Poseidon to open on schedule next year. Jones is at an advantage here because he has his own money to invest; similar undersea ventures over the decades have gone nowhere. A similar hotel, the Hydropolis, is being built off the cost of Dubai in the Persian Gulf, but it is reportedly stalled for lack of funds. However, if the Poseidon is a hit, expect resort builders to take notice very quickly... and consider taking the plunge themselves.

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