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Thursday, October 07, 2004

"Smart Car" Warns Driver, Calls Cops

Big Brother is watching you... and soon he may be your back-seat driver.

IBM and the United Arab Emirates University have developed a "Smart Box" that uses GPS technology to track a car's whereabouts. It can also integrate with local traffic laws to tell whether the driver is obeying the speed limit. The car will issue several verbal warnings to the driver; if those are not heeded, the car automatically notifies local law enforcement, who can issue a ticket (assuming, of course, they have the necessary infrastructure in place).

As you can see, the body work was done by Playskool...

In all fairness, the Smart Box offers other benefits, such as anti-theft devices, fuel optimizers, and navigation tools.

That whirring sound you hear isn't the engine. It's George Orwell spinning in his grave...

Source: Futurismic