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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Swedes Propose Taxing Men

What do George W. Bush, John Kerry, Al Franken and Rush Limbaugh all have in common? If they were Swedish, they would be subject to a "man tax," if a group of far-left politicians has its way.

Left Party deputy Gudrun Schyman has proposed an extra tax on men to offset the social cost of violence against women. "We must have a discussion where men understand they as a group have a responsibility," she says. Schyman raised eyebrows in 2002 when she compared women's rights in Sweden -- one of the most gender-equal and socially liberal nations on Earth -- to that of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

It's unclear how serious this group is about pressing ahead with this tax, or if they simply want to make a point. Sweden is one of the world's most highly taxed nations as it is. Perhaps they'd be open to a progressive "man tax," with "girly men" paying less than real studs...