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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Mobile Phone Cam Attachment Sees Through Clothes

Next time someone takes your picture with a phone cam, they may be getting more of an eyeful than you intend.

A night filter attachment for Vodaphone phone cams can apparently penetrate clothing to reveal naked bodies. The device is made by the Japanese manufacturer Yamada Denshi, and is supposedly most effective in penetrating form-fitting bikinis.

The device works because the images it produces are based on heat, not visible light. And since bodies produce heat and clothes do not, it ignores the clothes and images the bodies only.

As you might expect, the gadget is becoming a fast fave of voyeurs, especially in Japan, who swap photos through the Internet.

When I was growing up, the backs of comic books featured ads for "x-ray glasses" that offered the subtle but titillating promise of being able to see through clothes. Of course, they were just stupid cardboard things with pinholes that created an optical illusion of being able to "see through" something. But now it looks like we have the real thing, along with its consequences...

Source: Smart Mobs