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Monday, October 11, 2004

FBI Shuts Down Alternative Media Network

A disturbing story out of London today: the FBI has confiscated the servers of London-based Indymedia, an independent news service specializing in anti-globalization issues. The servers were located at a U.S.-based hosting facility.

The exact reasons behind the shutdown weren't immediately clear, though it has at least temporarily taken at least 20 individual websites and audio streams offline. The FBI states that it was acting under the auspices of Italian and Swiss authorities, but has said little else.

The main Indymedia site is still functioning, and is keeping users apprised of developments. Meanwhile, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is working to clarify the situation.

There may be completely valid reasons for this action. But currently, the authorities' silence is speaking more loudly than any statement they could make. The actions are sending a chill throughout the activist community, which is truly unfortunate, considering we are so close to election time in the U.S.