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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Movie Rentals via iTunes?

The blog Think Secret has scoop about a possible pending announcement from Apple CEO Steve Jobs that the iTunes Music Store will soon feature downloadable movie rentals -- presumably for playback on computers and video iPods, a la Vongo. The deal, between Apple and several major movie studios, represents a departure from Apple's previous strategy of endorsing movie sales. The service will supposedly place date-stamp coding in movie files that prohibits play after either a certain date or a set number of viewings. No word yet on the price per movie, or when the service will be fully available.

The reported announcement is scheduled for August 7.

RELATED: Ars Technica reports that movie download service Movielink is partnering with Sonic Solutions (makers of the Roxio CD/DVD recording software) to allow its customers to burn downloaded (and copy protected) movies onto DVDs for more convenient viewing.