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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pilot Program for a "SmartShirt"

Sensatex, Inc. is preparing a pilot study of a "SmartShirt" that was originally developed by DARPA and the Georgia Institute of Technology.  The shirt contains an integrated sensor system that can measure the wearer's heart rate, respiration and body temperature.  The data from the SmartShirt can be read wirelessly into a PDA or a PC for further analysis.

Sensatex envisions the primary market for SmartShirts will be first responders (fire fighters, police, EMTs), athletes and perhaps soldiers.  It is also developing a "Health Monitoring System" that would allow patients with chronic conditions to be monitored remotely by healthcare professionals.

In a similar vein, Sensatex is also developing a SmartBra that would monitor vital signs.

Sensatex is reportedly looking for beta testers for its SmartShirt.  If you are interested, visit the company's website for contact information (in "Contact Us" under the site's "Press Room" tab, or info@sensatex.com).

Source:  Roland Piquepaille's Tech Trends

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