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Friday, May 26, 2006

Google Embraces DIY Video Ads

As several startups explore the possibilities of using viral video in advertising, the 800-pound gorilla of online ads has awakened to the prospect.  Google will soon allow its advertisers to upload homemade video clips for their ads.

Anyone with a Google AdWords account can create and upload an ad, just so long as it is less than two minutes long.  The ad will then be displayed on blogs and websites that have related content, just like other Google ads.  Google has been testing the concept this past spring with major corporate advertisers, but it plans to roll it into production as early as today, some reports say.

As with web ad banners that evolved in the late '90s, video ads will go through some growing pains as advertisers learn what resonates with viewers and, most importantly, motivates them to buy their products or services.  This period of experimentation will be a lot like the first few episodes of an American Idol season -- brilliance juxtaposed against... well, you know...

Source:  Marketwatch