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Thursday, April 20, 2006

More Web Users Browsing via Mobile Device

More than ever, those who access the Web are doing so through their mobile devices, according to a study by Ipsos Insight.

Although PCs and laptops remain the dominant media for Web browsing in North America, web-enabled phones and handheld devices are becoming more commonplace elsewhere. In Japan, 40% of adults surf the Web via phone; worldwide, 28% of Web users accessed it through a handheld device. Interestingly, the Ipsos survey found that it was users over 35, rather than teens and young adults, who were driving this growth... perhaps because the older demographic is finding mobile Web access to be useful for business. They also likely appreciate the way that the mobile Web can provide quick access to brief yet important snippets of information (news briefs, traffic conditions, weather maps, etc.).

Ultimately, mobile access will reshape the way we interact with the Web. "Accessing the Internet on a wireless handheld device is no longer a novelty for consumers in the major global economies," said Ipsos' Brian Cruikshank. "It's becoming a common, everyday occurrence for many people. In the long term, many of today's PC-centric online activities could be complemented through the mobile phone or migrate to the mobile phone altogether, due to greater convenience and faster connection speeds."

Source: InformationWeek