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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What are Telecommuters REALLY Up To?

As telecommuting becomes more accepted and popular, those back at the office are surely wondering what their co-workers at home are really doing. A new survey by security firm SonicWall provides some insights:

  • Two thirds of men and over half of women surveyed don't bother to bathe when telecommuting

  • Nearly 90% store passwords in unsafe locations when at home

  • 28% watch TV while working

  • 18% squeeze in household tasks

Perhaps most curious of all (or perhaps not), one in eight men and one in 14 women who telecommute do so in the nude. So much for the corporate dress code...

In light of all this, the vast majority of telecommuters surveyed believe that working from home makes them more productive, with over 60% saying their managers would agree. Plus, telecommuters are saving big bucks on soap, housekeepers and career wardrobes!

RELATED: According to a survey by the Hudson Highland Group, a professional staffing firm, one quarter of workers surveyed said that they used their employer's PCs to search for new jobs on company time. However, the surveyors chalked it up to a work-life balance issue. Says Robert Morgan, chief operating officer at Hudson Talent Management, one of the company's divisions. "Because we're spending so much time at work, that's the only time we have to schedule some of those appointments."

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