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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bible Belt Embracing Islam?

As the fastest growing religion in the US, Islam is attracting converts in places one wouldn't expect. Namely, Texas, the heart of the Bible Belt and Bush Country.

Islam is particularly appealing to some ultra-conservative Christians who feel that Christianity -- even in its fundamentalist forms -- is too liberal.

Eric was a Baptist preacher before he became a Muslim 14 years ago. Now he prays five times a day – even in the middle of watching a football game. His wife, Karen, also a convert, is covered from head to toe in the traditional Muslim burka. Islam, says Eric, ‘is everything I wanted Christianity to be’...

Women are also becoming followers of Muhamed. Yasmine (previously Mindy) arranged a marriage for herself and has three children. Islam, she says is ‘the solution to a lot of the prevailing evils: drugs, adultery, fornication…’

Currently, Texas is home to 400,000 Muslims, many of whom are native-born and relatively recent converts.

Source: Channel4.com