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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wireless Implant Alerts Doctors to Aneurysms

It was around this time of year, nearly 20 years ago, that a relative of mine died suddenly -- and very prematurely -- from a brain aneurysm. The tragedy of aneurysms (artery ruptures) is that they strike suddenly, and do their damage before medical professionals can intervene. Now, however, doctors have a new tool for monitoring the body for possible aneurysms before they strike.

The Endosure sensor by CardioMEMS is a wireless implant device that monitors a stent placed in the body to shore up a weakened artery. The sensors measures pressure, and allow clinicians to determine if a stent is dangerously weak.

Of course, the device only measures arteries that have the stent implanted. But for the patients with stents, the sensor is a welcome and cost-effective alternative to regular CT scans that check the condition of the stent. The sensors actually appear to be an improvement, as they can detect very slight differences that a CT scan might miss.

The Endosure device recently received FDA approval after testing in the US, Canada and Brazil.

Source: CIO Insight