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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

FreeCharge Weza: Batteries Not Necessary

Freeplay Energy, a company that manufactures hand-charged radios and lights, now offers the FreeCharge Weza, a multipurpose electrical charger that is powered by a step treadle.

Just step on the treadle, and you can create enough AC or DC energy to jump-start a car or boat, or charge an electronic device. Clearly, it's an ideal solution for emergency situations, both ordinary (car won't start in a desolate parking lot) and extraordinary (disaster relief, especially in developing regions). It's also compatible with solar panels and wind-powered turbines.

But if you plan on adding the FreeCharge Weza to your holiday gift list, you'll have to take a raincheck. The $300 device isn't scheduled to ship until next spring.

Source: WorldChanging