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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Readers Loyal to their Local Online Newspapers

A new survey by Nielsen/NetRatings suggests that netizens who read online news are supporting the online versions of their local newspapers.

In all of the major metropolitan markets except for one (Philadelphia), readers cited their city's online newspaper as their top choice for news (Philly readers favored USAToday.com over their native Philly.com). However, only one online paper (WashingtonPost.com) was favored by more than 30% of its local market.

In the midst of sagging newspaper circulation and readership, the survey has some good news for newspapers... or for their online efforts at least. Revenues for online newspapers are forecast to rise steadily through 2008.

It would be interesting to see if online newspaper loyalty remains true in smaller markets, and where other local news sources online (such as TV news websites) fall into the mix. Also, is readership seasonal? Local news websites, for instance, are indispensable for checking on school snow closings in the winter.

Source: eMarketer