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Friday, September 09, 2005

Cell Phone Users Don't Know, Can't Use Devices' Features

With video downloads and Internet access, cell phones are more powerful than ever, and technologists expect them to be the gateway to personal information. However, a recent survey reveals that most users are unaware of their cell phones' capabilities... and often can't use them if they are.

The survey, conducted by UK-based mobile software developer SurfKitchen, found not one mobile phone user who could correctly identify their phone's data package. High prices, poor usability and unreliable service posed additional barriers to users getting the most out of their phones.

As with most all technology, the problems lie not with ill-informed consumers, but with providers who favor "bells and whistles" over simplicity. Going forward, usability and reliability will be key issues for phone manufacturers and carriers, with the companies offering the most dependable, easiest to use services winning in the marketplace.

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