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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Muslims Less Likely to Support Terrorism, Bin Laden

In a survey taken before the recent terrorist bombings in London, Muslims worldwide expressed waning support for Islamic extremism and Osama bin Laden.

Of the six Muslim nations represented in the Pew Global Attitudes Project survey, only Jordan had a majority (57%) who believed terrorist acts were justified. Except in Jordan and Pakistan, support for Bin Laden has fallen as well. However, substantial numbers continued to support suicide bombings against Americans in Iraq.

Muslims in predominantly Muslim countries generally support moves toward democracy and greater freedoms, yet at the same time acknowledge -- and welcome -- the fact that Islam is playing a greater role in daily life in their countries. Those in Europe and North America, meanwhile, have a generally favorable view of Muslims, while Muslims have mixed opinions of Christians and highly unfavorable views of Jews.

Clearly, rejection of terrorist tactics in the Muslim world is welcome news, and a vital step in winning the war on terror. Equally important, however, is finding ways to further encourage these attitudes.