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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Pet-Friendly House Design

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As more Baby Boomers (and even Gen-X'ers) become "empty nesters," they are expected to turn their nurturing instincts toward their pets. This has already spawned an industry that includes "big box" pet supply stores like PetSmart, as well as more specialized and upscale pet boutiques. Now, home designers and remodelers are seeing the opportunities of home designs with pets in mind.

Such modifications go beyond the traditional "doggie door" (though even this is being re-thought, as some doors are being made from clear Plexiglas so dogs can see what's on the other side before going through). Some home designers are including bay windows with large ledges to accommodate Fluffy or Fido's sunbath, and are adding windows that are lower to the ground. Kitchens are being fitted with "pet nooks" where the family pet(s) can have their own place to eat and sleep.

Source: Herman Trend Alert