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Monday, January 10, 2005

Verizon Offers Video Clips for Phones

In February, Verizon Wireless will start a videocasting (VCAST) service for its cell phones. Content from its EVDO (Evolution Data Only) network includes news clips from CNN and NBC, weather forecasts from AccuWeather, and entertainment from VH1 and Comedy Central.

Verizon will offer three phone models -- from LG, UTStarcom and Samsung -- that are VCAST compatible, which will cost approximately $199 each after rebates. The EVDO service will cost an additional $15 per month over regular charges.

No one is sure exactly how many consumers will subscribe to the service. The most likely early adopters may be frequent travelers who want up-to-the-minute news updates without having to go to the Web. But it's an intriguing first step toward bringing videocasting into the mainstream.

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